The SS Delphine is 257 feet long. It can sleep 26 guests in 11 different rooms and has over 3,000-square-feet of deck space. It also has a swimming pool, massage bath, Turkish bath, a sauna, a fitness room and a hair salon. And it has some history.

According to, the Delphine was built in 1921 for Horace Dodge, of the Dodge Brothers Car Company. The Delphine was built in River Rouge, just south of Detroit. In 1926 it caught fire and sank in the Hudson River. They brought it up, restored it and it sailed until it hit a rock in Lake Huron and had to be repaired again. The U.S. Navy requisitioned it during World War II and it was renamed U.S.S. Dauntless to serve as the flagship for the Commander in Chief of the US fleet. FDR and Churchill supposedly had a secret meeting on board during the war.

After the war, it passed through several owners. The current owner spent about $45 million to completely restore the Delphine in 2003. Now he wants to sell it for about $22 million. I don't price out a lot of 100 year old yachts, but I'd say that's a deal.

It's in Portugal right now. But YOU would look good steering that thing around Lake Michigan later on this summer.

I'll bring the beer. I'll let you pay for it - but I'll bring it.

Here's the story (with photos of your new boat).


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