Here is all you need to know: from noon to 5 PM on Saturday at Potterville High School, auditions will be held to cast for a film called "Cents", set to shoot in Potterville this June. According to the Lansing State Journal, the movie uses the May 2002 train de-railment in Potterville as a backdrop.  Remember that? Good - your acting is going to be spot on.

The director of "Cents" is Potterville native and Academy Award nominated Sam Davis. (He's not the only famous "Davis" to come out of Potterville - yep - I'm pretty sure they're brothers) According to the LSJ, Davis says, "I want to cast real people and trust them to be able to tell the story. You get some of the most authentic performances from people who aren't cognizant of how they show up on camera."

Sam's looking to cast five specific leading roles - with three of the five being teenagers. (If you're a teenager, you probably don't remember the train wreck, but it was big news. Ask your parents or grandparents.) And yes, if you land the role, you'll get paid.

Honestly, take a chance and give it a shot. You might surprise yourself.


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