Candy corn is the worst. I really don't think it deserves the moniker of "candy", and I wouldn't mind just getting rid of it all together. But, before I and my fellow candy corn haters go on a search and destroy mission, there might be some hope for this disgusting candy yet...

According to the Detroit Free Press, "there's a not-so-secret candy corn mix that's addicting and makes candy corn tolerable to digest." Apparently all you have to do is mix candy corn with some salted, dry-roasted peanuts, and BAM! No longer disgusting. Instead, what you get is a mix that tastes like a Payday candy bar. But, you want to make sure you stick to a 50/50 ratio, or even a 60/40 ratio, with peanuts being the dominant ingredient.

I have not done the taste testing myself to see if this statement holds water, but then again I think candy corn is absolutely disgusting, so I don't care what is added to it, I still don't want it. If you're a fan of candy corn, or even if you don't have the hatred for it that I do, give this combo a shot! It might be a delicious surprise. I'll be over here enjoying my peanut butter cup that I didn't have to mix with anything else because it's delicious all by itself, lol.

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