It doesn't snow on Halloween all the time in Michigan - but it certainly happens from time to time.

Forecasters say 2023 appears to be one of those years where several Michigan cities might record at least a little bit of snow.

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The way things are shaping up, meteorologists at AccuWeather think all of Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsula could see snow showers on Tuesday. Regardless of whether there's wintry precipitation, parents will want to make sure their trick-or-treaters are bundled up!

How Much Snow Is Forecast in Michigan This Halloween?

Exactly much snow might accumulate this Tuesday depends upon where in Michigan you are.

The National Weather Service believes snowflakes will fly in Lansing, perhaps accumulating less than half an inch. Up to an inch is forecast in Grand Rapids. Negligible accumulation is expected in Flint, while Detroit will likely dodge any wintry precipitation.

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AccuWeather projects a coating to an inch of snow to fall during trick-or-treating hours Tuesday in Grand Rapids, with little to no accumulation in Lansing, Flint, or Detroit.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

WILX News 10 First Alert Meteorologist Justin Bradford is pretty sure Lansing will see its first snowflakes of the season on Halloween, but doesn't think it'll amount to much.

Some drizzle may be mixed in with the snow in a few places and it will be tough to get any snow to accumulate, but grassy surfaces, roofs or cars could start to look a little white whenever any heavier bursts come through. ~ Justin Bradford, WILX

Storm Team 8 in Grand Rapids agrees.

A cold front will sweep through bringing the chance for a wintry mix and snow throughout the day. Some snow may accumulate on grassy surfaces, but will melt quickly. Bundle up for Trick-or-Treating! It will be one of the coldest in recent years.

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