You've got your pumpkin spice latte in hand, there's a trunk-or-treat this weekend, and the leaves are still turning colors.

The First Snow in Michigan 2023 Winter Season

Now that Michigan has lulled you into this false sense of fall security, are you ready for the first daytime snow to hit Michigan?

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Well, ready or not, it actually already happened.

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According to MLive, in the middle of the day, 10:53 am on Monday, October 9th, Michigan's Upper Peninsula had it's first snowflakes comes through in broad daylight.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula Sees First Daytime Snow of 2023

Isle Royale, located in Lake Superior, caught the sight of snowflakes on a webcam at Greenstone Ridge Trail.

via National Park Service Isle Royale
via National Park Service Isle Royale

To see snow as early as October 9th is not common. We usually see our first snowfall around October 21st, so this one was almost a couple weeks early.

Earliest and Latest Snowfalls in Michigan

While October 21st is the average, Michigan has seen snow a lot sooner and later in the year.

The earliest a trace of snow fell at Hancock was September 19, 1991. It has waited as late as November 26 in 1931 for the first snow.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised about seeing snow already.

1) It's Michigan... weather is always a little bit on the crazy side.

2) AccuWeather released its US 2023 Fall Forecast back in September that predicted we'd see snow early this year because of effects from La Niña and El Niño.

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