Sanja Radin
Sanja Radin

Ok here we go again. Seems like when we start to feel this pandemic has got to get better soon something always happens. Like a spike in cases the last month.  I know it can be so frustrating.  All we can do is stay positive and follow all the safety guidelines and know we are gonna have a better 2021. I know easier said then done. I have never read so many self health books and mediated as I have the last 8 months.

Let's keep in mind though this is not a stay at home order like the spring.  According to

Bars and restaurants will be open for outdoor dining, carry-out and delivery only. Gyms will remain open for individual exercise with strict safety measures in place. Pools can stay open for individual exercise.

Individualized activities with distancing and face masks are still allowed that includes:
*Retail shopping
*Public transit
*Restaurant takeout
*Personal-care services such as haircuts, by appointment.

The next 3 weeks will be a challenge for most of us.  So we need to once again think of ways to amuse ourselves at home, and most of all eat healthy, exercise and stay positive. Let's try to stay busy and enjoy ourselves.  I may subscribe to another streaming service to bring more variety to my TV till the end of the year. Some of them keep in mind you can try free for a 7 days or a week for free.  Who knows maybe try a few online games like trivia just for fun.

Please share your thoughts on the next 3 weeks. Anything to share that you are gonna do with your friends and family.  Even virtually.

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