Have you been shopping differently since the start of the pandemic?  I have been shopping more, and pretty much do it all at Meijer since it is right next to where I live.  I am shopping healthier, and eating a lot better in the last half of the pandemic. I find myself cooking a lot more as well.  That of Couse unless it's a day I am craving something from carry out.

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Yes, it has been quite a crazy year for all of us, and the pandemic has got us to do things a bit out of the normal. especially when it comes to the way we shop.

according to fox47news.com Meijer says that many shopping trends started from just after the shutdown.

Among the trends, the retailer found that while home delivery and pickup services doubled at their stores over the last 12 months, shoppers opted for their Shop & Scan technology, using it more than 100 million times. When it comes to the way we eat, shoppers, according to Meijer, were choosing easier meal choices, saying their grab n' go sushi was a popular pick along with rotisserie chickens (the retailer says they've sold more than 500,000 over the last month.)

Another thing shoppers are buying is pillows, Check this out more than 1 million were sold in 2020.  I guess we are taking a lot more naps.

These days Meijer says comfort at our home office is important to many of us.  There has also been an increase of thermal curtains and weighted blankets. I just bought a weighted blanket myself and I LOVE it. Candles are selling a lot more as well as board games, puzzles, bikes, pools and grills. Meijer also says there has been a  60 percent increase in fishing poles, and gear.

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