Dangerously cold temperatures are expected this week in the Lansing area. Over the weekend, Mayor Andy Schor announced the city's plan in helping the homeless get out of the cold this week:

With the intense cold on its way (possibly as low as -35 degrees), I have aggressively been working with my staff this weekend to plan and ensure that we have the resources available to assist the homeless and those without heat. The greater Lansing area has about 5000 homeless. We already work with shelters in the City of Lansing such as Holy Cross and the Rescue Mission, and spend millions of dollars on services to the homeless and neediest throughout our region. Our shelters are consistently full, so with the upcoming brutally cold weather coming we will be engaging area partners to assist. We will not turn anyone away. City community centers will be made available for those in need. I have already spoken with the leadership of the Lansing School District and they will have facilities open as warming centers as well. We will also request assistance from churches, the Red Cross, and others. The City of Lansing will do all we can with available resources to assist those in need in the upcoming brutally cold weather. I hope others in our City and throughout our region will join in this effort.

If you're looking for a way that you can help the homeless in Lansing, the Homeless Angels say that they are in desperate need of thick winter mittens or gloves, hats, scarves, socks, thermals and coats. Items can be dropped off daily from 8am-7pm at 3216 W. Main Street in Lansing. Find out more by reading the Facebook post below from the Homeless Angels and please help if you can.

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