I frequent the place about once a week to take back a silly Amazon purchase to the UPS Store. I LOVE Frandor. Easy in and easy out. A few white knuckles and close calls in a fast moving parking lot but the place is very accessible. It also happens to be the oldest shopping center in Lansing and it used to be the second oldest shopping center in Michigan. Now, Frandor stands alone as the OLDEST SHOPPING CENTER IN MICHIGAN. The Northland Center in Southfield was just a bit older than Frandor but it has been torn down. I was not aware but social media doesn't miss much. Click here to see the FACT ON FACEBOOK.

Also, wikipedia had a cool little story about it too. Click here to see the full blah. 

Crazy story about the name:

The shopping center was originally owned by Francis J. Corr, and was named using a conjunction of his and his wife Dorothy's name.

Fran Dor. I never knew that one either.

My buddy Brandon used to LOVE to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Spartan Triplex but they closed the doors back in 1994. You can still smell the rice.

I remember going to that Sears many times and was quite bummed when they closed earlier this year.

NOTHING bums me out more than driving by that Sears now and seeing all the people in line to get tested for COVID. If you know people who complain about wearing masks... Drive them by the oldest shopping center in Michigan.

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