There are so many great career opportunities these days that give back to people and our communities. Nurses, paramedics, teachers firefighters, and of course police officers.

That was my second career choice growing up and I even tested for some Chicago area police departments.  My brother was a cop at the time and he told me to follow my heart and try radio first. He laughed and said you won't like all the paperwork you have to do as a police officer.

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If you or you know someone that wants to get in law enforcement check this out.  The Eaton Rapids Police Department is looking for candidates and they will pay future qualified officers to go to the police academy according to

Now New To Law Enforcement

Police Chief Larry Weeks said the program is not new to law enforcement but is to the city of Eaton Rapids.

It’s something that we have started because we, like other agencies, are challenged with trying to find qualified candidates to hire," Weeks said. "We’re hoping this presents a new applicant pool for us to take a look at and bring in some good quality candidates to do policing here in Eaton Rapids.

They will have 3 openings and have a current payroll for 10 officers. Men and women who are hired must pass the tests required by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.  Then would go to the police academy.

There Is Paid Training

They pay is $18.33 an hour during the training, and once you graduate salary would go up to $20.48 an hour to start as a police officer.

Eaton Rapids plans to start taking applications maybe as soon as the end of the week.

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