Calling all Lansing; be on the lookout for "pants baby".

According to the Lansing State Journal, last month Nichole Biber had a moving sale on Lansing's Eastside where she sold a doll of her daughter's. Selling toys at a moving sale is normal, however, Biber didn't realize how much the doll meant to her daughter, and is now hoping to get the doll back.

The doll, named "pants baby" by Biber's children because of it's lack of arms and the fact that "the doll's legs are covered with a pair of white pants", was sold at the moving sale which took place on Regent Street on May 27th. After learning of the doll's importance to her kids, Biber put up posters about "pants baby" in local shops: Strange Matter Coffee, Toarmina's Pizza, and The Avenue. The poster talks about pants baby, how sad her daughters are now that pants baby is out of their lives, and gives a description of the woman who purchased the doll. Biber also offers a reward to the person who returns pants baby. So if you or someone you know has purchased pants baby and are inclined to return it, click here for Nichole Biber's contact info. And click here for more details on the story.

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