The first day of school is right around the corner, and it's sad to think that some children in the Lansing area will be starting school with little to no supplies. Basic things like pencils, crayons, backpacks... So, I was hoping our Wittle Family might be able to help out!

Child and Family Charities is doing a "Fill the Backpack" Campaign to provide supplies to about 400 kids in the greater Lansing area, most of whom are in foster care, who could use a little help. If you're out with your little ones doing some back-to-school shopping, maybe you can throw some extra supplies or a backpack into the cart as well. I was just at Meijer the other day and grabbed up some crayons, markers, and pencils for about 50 cents each. Perhaps you'd like to help out but aren't able to pick up supplies? You can make a donation just by clicking HERE.

Child and Family Charities put together a list of some supplies that can be of great use to students, you can see the list HERE. If you've got some supplies for donation, you can bring them to Child and Family Charities at 4287 Five Oaks Drive. Or you can stop by the WITL Studios at 3420 Pine Tree Road and drop your donation here. The Fill the Backpack campaign goes until August 20th. You can get more information about Child and Family Charities or the Fill the Backpack campaign HERE.

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