I finally went to hell on Saturday.

I've wanted to go to Hell, Michigan ever since I was a kid living in Missouri  - and on the bus-ride home one day, my best friend Donnie, who had family up here, blurted out, "You know...I've been to Hell." Saturday, I went to Hearsefest 2018, in Hell, Michigan. Only problem? The Livingston Daily says there was no "official" Hearsefest 2018. The event was cancelled on August 22nd by Putnam Township, due to concerns over traffic congestion. According to the article, "Township and police officials were concerned the festival might hinder emergency services. A lack of adequate parking and complaints from neighboring residents were among other concerns".

I knew it was probably coming up soon, I just didn't know exactly when Hearsefest would happen this year. Thank goodness my lovely wife, Michelle, found it on the Pure Michigan website. Oblivious to the township hissy-fit going on, we went on Saturday.

So, if there was no Hearsefest, what was it that my wife and I enjoyed? Apparently, a member of the Just Hearse’n Around Hearse Club had a child who got married at the chapel in Hell on Saturday (we got there for the end of the service - it was very nice).

And 65 friends of the family showed up to celebrate, with hearses.

And parked their hearses where we could check them out.

And, since they'd already made t-shirts for Hearsefest 2018, my wife and I each got one of those at Screams Ice Cream Parlor.

But, there was no Hearsefest 2018. I look forward to Hearsefest 2019 - or whatever wedding or celebration (wink, wink) may be taking place that day.

Here's the story. Enjoy the photo gallery.


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