I am so excited for the Insane Inflatable 5K to return this summer! I've participated in it the last couple years it's been here in Lansing, and it's an absolute blast! It's the chance to work on your fitness while also being super fun. If you want the chance to feel just like a kid again, here's what you need to know:

The Insane Inflatable 5K will be held at Uncle John's Cider Mill on Saturday, July 15th. Throughout the 5K course, there are a bunch of GIGANTIC inflatables that you can bounce, jump, and slide on. And honestly, it's just a super fun time. What I like best about the II5K is that, yes, it's a 5K. BUT - you can take it at your own pace. I like to do what I call "participate". I mostly walk, but I jog/run here and there. And overall, I have a blast!

If you wanna get in on the fun at the Insane Inflatable 5K, get your tickets before 11:59 this Friday night, because at the stroke of midnight, the price will increase. The registration fee currently stands at $57. Plus, I have a way for you to save even more money! Use this code at your checkout to save $10: MATTHEWS10

Plus, if you're registering a team, or even just more than one person... take the time to checkout separately because then you can save $10 at EACH checkout! Get your tickets and more info here

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