One of Port Huron’s classic old buildings seems to be inhabited by some kind of phantasm.

At 420 Huron Avenue, across from McMorran Sports Center, is a corner building that has been different restaurants over the years. It has been a Subway, Bradford’s Restaurant, and another unnamed eatery that was owned by someone named William in the 1940’s.

It was in the late 1940’s that the current paranormal activity had its beginnings.

The owner at the time was dabbling in bootlegged liquor - a risky thing to do, since most bootleggers were extremely protective of their businesses. To no one’s surprise, he was found dead, murdered in the cellar. It was never proven who committed the crime.

It’s believed that it is the spirit of the murdered restaurant owner that spooks the place. Lights flicker on & off, swinging doors that separate the dining room and kitchen swing open by themselves, and the usual bumps, creaks, and footsteps.

A former employee related a strange incident that happened to her back in 1987. One night, while the establishment was known as Bradford’s, she and another employee were the only two left in the place, closing up for the night. As she continued her duties, she heard a voice from within the kitchen call her name. Looking up, she noticed nobody was there. Her friend also heard the voice and asked what it was. Cautiously, they peeked further into the kitchen and saw no one. That incident has kept her spooked for years.

These days, the establishment is known as Cedar Sub & Salad. Take a drive over there, grab a bite, and – if you’re real nice & polite – the current owner might grant you a tour. It would be worth asking.

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