I will start this out just saying I am a firm believer that ghosts are 100% real.

Now, I am not entirely sure what form our souls take in the afterlife or what exactly what makes them want to stick around but I watch a whole lot of "Ghost Adventures" so I think I have somewhat of an idea.

Sure, shows like that are shows for a reason, it's entertainment! Of course, there are certain instances that make me question the validity of the "evidence" they gather. Sometimes noises come from other rooms they claim nobody was in but other times there are things that make me say "well, you can't argue with that!"

There definitely are skeptics out there and I do not blame them. Whenever I watch "Ghost Adventures" my dad smacks any nearby object and say "WOAH DID YOU HEAR THAT!?"

I, myself, have had a few experiences I have no other explanation for other than the paranormal.

When I was about five years old, I would feel in the middle of the night like something was holding my ankles down in my sleep as I would have nightmares. I would wake up to find nobody there as the sensation on my ankles continued. Once I even woke up to one of my stuffed animals dropping down on me. You can doubt me all you want, say it was some sort of wild dream and I was just a kid and whatever else...but I saw what I saw.

Another time came in 2019, my boyfriend and I were visiting Traverse City for the first time. We ate at Mission Table which is built in an 1880s home and is reportedly haunted by the spirit of a woman who was always very sad about her weight. Rumor had it she passed away in the elevator. I, being a paranormal enthusiast, decided to climb in the elevator and just see what would happen.

Nothing happened in the moment...However when I woke up I had a perfectly circular, burn-looking mark on my elbow. I hadn't tripped and fell on anything, it wasn't a rug burn and I did not even brush up against someone's lit cigarette, though that is what it looked like.

I'm not saying my "paranormal" experiences are definite proof of ghosts and their activities...but they're not NOT something that might make you go "hmmm."

Maybe as I embark on more online shopping escapades I will get myself an SB7 Spirit Box like what they use on the TV shows and other ghost hunting equipment, who knows!

Feel free to share your personal paranormal encounters so we may all delight in the spookiness!

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