Michigan residents come in 9th in the nation for chances of spotting some sort of paranormal activity.

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How many times have you spotted something from the corner of your eye and thought, was that a ghost? How many times have you looked up at the night sky and saw something you could not explain? If you live in Michigan, you are more likely to experience a supernatural event than residents of 41 other states.

A new report from GreatLakesStakes.com shows locations across the United States where there is a greater chance of spotting something paranormal. In Michigan, residents reported experiencing over 6,550 sightings. That puts Michigan as the 9th highest in the country for witnessing something supernatural. A supernatural sighting is described as either a ufo or ghost sighting.

If you are a betting person, the odds of seeing a UFO or ghost in Michigan are at +164,200. GreatLakesStakes.com compared the population data for each state against reported sightings to determine the odds of experiencing something out of this world.

The top 10 Michigan cities with UFO and Ghost sightings:

  1. Grand Rapids - 150
  2. Detroit - 116
  3. Lansing - 95
  4. Flint - 83
  5. Ann Arbor - 77
  6. Muskegon - 77
  7. Monroe - 75
  8. Warren - 68
  9. Jackson - 62
  10. Bay City - 61

Hearing that Michigan has many haunted locations may not be a surprise for some. Residents have heard stories most of their lives about haunted homes, restaurants, roads, and cemeteries. But how many are aware that there have been over 6,550 ufo sightings? You can view a list of ufo sightings by clicking here.

Top 10 U.S. states in order of supernatural sightings:

  1. California 22,045 sightings
  2. Texas 13,013 sightings
  3. Florida 9,271 sightings
  4. Washington 8,011 sightings
  5. New York 7,533 sightings
  6. Ohio 7,013 sightings
  7. Pennsylvania 6,831 sightings
  8. Illinois 6,554 sightings
  9. Michigan 6,087 sightings
  10. Arizona 5,388

Feeling brave? Keep scrolling to view haunted locations across Michigan.

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