Thanks to the Port Huron police department and animal control, several cats and dogs were rescued from a home with "deplorable conditions" on Monday, March 8.

Central dispatch was alerted that there were several cats, dogs and a raccoon living inside a home. When Officers arrived, they found that the residents and several animals were living in an unfit home where the floors were covered in urine and feces. After noting several cats needed assistance, the St. Clair County Animal Control Shelter was contacted.

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A total of 19 cats and three dogs were taken from the home. Officials did not find a raccoon. According to police, several animals were sick and needed immediate medical attention.

A building inspector ruled the home unfit for living. Therefore, forcing the current residents to relocate elsewhere. Police say the 53 year-old woman and 44 year-old man were cooperative in doing so. The case remains under investigation.

If you or anyone you know has any information linked to this case, contact the Port Huron Police Department Animal Control/Support Services Officer or CAPTURE (Crime Awareness and Prevention Through a Unified Reporting Effort).

Being the animal lover I am, I wish I could save every animal out there. I'm one of those people who cry when watching "The Dodo" videos on Facebook. And it's stories like these that just break my heart. Thankfully these animals have been rescued from their former living situation but the reality of the situation is that depending on how serious some of their health conditions are, they could suffer a life filled with chronic health issues or worse.


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