Halloween decorations are a big deal to a lot of people. Whether your looking for the perfect pumpkin or a scary skeleton, many people spend a lot of time making their front lawn look as scary as possible for Halloween. But sometimes, people may get a little too carried away with making their front lawn look real scary. That's what happened to LaRethia Haddon from Detroit. Haddon's Halloween decorations included a dummy that looked like a dead man lying in her front yard.

According the the Detroit News, people driving by Haddon's house thought the dummy was a real, dead person and called 911--numerous times. Haddon says she doesn't mean to offend anyone with the dummy and is just "trying to bring laughter to Detroit." She says that she puts the dummy, face down, in a different location in her yard every morning and watches the reactions from passers-by as she sips coffee in her living room. Here's a photo of the dummy courtesy of her son, Kendrick Hardaway's Facebook page:


Photo Courtesy of Kendrick Hardaway's Facebook page
Photo Courtesy of Kendrick Hardaway's Facebook page

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