Do you have your Halloween decorations up yet? If you don't, what are you doing? Halloween is only a couple weeks away, hop on it! If you're anything like me, maybe you put your Halloween decorations up sometime in September. I have more Halloween decorations than any other holiday. But I'm always looking for fun new ones so I can switch up the vibe.

One of my favorite things is checking out everyone else's decorations. As much as I love Halloween, I am a bit of a chicken so I'm one of those people who keeps things "cutesy". It also doesn't help that I'm blind as a bat. If I had a cardboard cut out or some kind of animated decor and I woke up in the middle of the night, I would probably think someone's there to kidnap me or wear my face. The best part about Halloween is there's something for everyone. Whether you're into the super spooky stuff or you want some cute light hearted Halloween decorations, your local Target, Michaels or any other home goods store has you covered!

Check out some of these decorations! (I may or may not have a few of these myself)

Fun Halloween Decorations

Share some of your favorite Halloween decorations with us! Send us a message on the app or on our Facebook page! Happy Haunting!

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