Happy 18th birthday, Google. What would we ever do without you?

I guess we'd be spending more time in libraries or buying encyclopedias. As somebody who use to read old encyclopedias when I was bored at my grandparents house - that would suck. But, thanks to 1991 East Lansing High School graduate Larry Page and his friend from Stanford, Sergey Brin, looking up information has never been quicker.

Not gonna lie - wish I'd had Google when I was in high school in the late 70s. That whole "Odyssey and the Iliad" senior English project would've been much easier. (BTW - if you're ever stuck for a project about ancient Greece - with a little narration and some random photos of hippies, you can use Grateful Dead songs to tell the story of "The Odyssey and the Iliad". Trust me.)

Anyway, you kids have it much easier because of Google. And, get off my lawn.

Here's some facts about Google. Probably looked up on Google. Slackers.


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