What would life be like if you were not living in Michigan, but were instead, a Kazakh teenager living in Mongolia? You and your family would probably live in a yurt - a movable house. You'd probably be pretty good on a horse. And, one of the popular drinks in your "yurt" would be something called "kumis" - fermented mare's milk. So I guess along with riding, you'd also be milking some of your horses.

And, if your dad was into hunting, you might be learning to hunt- not with a gun or a bow - but with a Golden Eagle. Which is what a girl named Ashol-Pan may be doing. right now, in Western Mongolia. Usually left to the boys, not many girls have been able to do this, so far. But, like Bob Dylan sang, "the times, they are a-changin".

This story, from the BBC, is worth it for the photos alone.

Just goes to show - it's a big world out there, away from the mall.

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