I'm on a health kick. December 28th was a humbling day to me. I turned 49 and realized that if I want to live to be 100 I need to treat my body better. That means eating healthier and getting my body moving.

The diet I'm on is protein, protein, some acceptable fruits and veggies and of course more protein. I'm trying to get my body's metabolism to retrain itself. Without consuming carbs my body realizes that and since there's no sugar in my diet it's gotta eat something and the fat is what it's gonna eat.

When it comes to working out, I have no shame. Sometimes gyms can be initmidating to those that haven't been to the gym before. It's kind of like high school gym class, no one is paying attention to you, they are focused on themselves and their own insecurities. At the end of the day, if you want to get in better shape, hit the gym. Don't let anyone stop you.

I used to be a member at the Y in Lansing. I used to visit the Oak Park Y until it went downhill. I won't be going back. I recently discovered the MAC. The MAC is in East Lansing just off campus.

There are plenty of options when it comes to working out in Lansing. Take your time to find a gym that best suits YOU. If you're not into the bootcamp workout, don't do it. I've found that the one thing I do, is workout way too hard the first day and I pay for it for days. I need to pace myself and realize I'm not 18 anymore and I need to slow it down. I want to come back to the gym. Check out these gyms if you want to get your health train back on the tracks. Yelp has em ranked.

Best Gyms in Lansing

M43 Fitness - 2225 E Grand River Ave Lansing, MI 48912

Kirk D:

I was in Lansing for the weekend and was looking for a place to get a work out in. I do a lot of functional fitness, so if I can avoid a planet fitness and go to a place that has free weights and a turf area, I'd be willing to pay. I called the gym, but no one answered; typical. However to my surprise, I received a text from the owner saying he was in a meeting and couldn't get to the phone but wanted to know if I needed anything! I told him my situation and he gave me an entire weekend pass! The gym is a fob entry system, I went in the morning and had the whole place to myself, they had an awesome environment with lots of options. I enjoyed the place so much I decided to support it and buy one of their awesome fitness sweatshirts, which was only $20! I had a great experience and when I'm back in Lansing, I know where I will be.

Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club - 2900 Hannah Blvd East Lansing, MI 48823


This gym is awesome. Workout possibilities are endless. It's fun for the family too.

FLEXcity Fitness - 2222 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912

Julia D:

I went here yesterday after buying one of their three pack groupons. It was fairly challenging and by the end of the workout I was definitely starting to get a little worn out. I felt like I got a good full body workout, and am a bit sore today (not so sore it's unbearable, but a good level of soreness in some of my weaker areas like arms and shoulders). I enjoyed that there was a variety of activities and you move quickly between them so if you're not a fan of a particular activity it's over pretty soon. Our instructor had a lot of energy and was very clear in giving instructions, and the atmosphere is comfortable. That being said, the class is challenging and I think next time I'll need to pace myself better throughout the workout until I adjust to the intensity (I'm usually more into running & yoga). I'm looking forward to my next two classes and will most likely continue going to classes after my groupon is over.

State of Fitness - 154 South Larch St Lansing, MI 48912

Tamara A:

Best workout I've had in a looooonngg time!  The trainers vary your routine so you're never doing the same thing over and over, and they LOVE to push your limits to see what you're capable of.  The facility is beautiful, and the locker rooms are cleaner and better stocked than any gym I've ever been to.  I look forward to coming to every workout!

Conquest Fitness - 13575 Airport Rd Lansing, MI 48906

Bill M:

I go here almost everyday and I've been able to garner some more insight...
The music: for the most part, they have turned down the volume a bit, but it seems to depend on who is working that day. Some just crank it up. They also seem to choose the music, and I have spoken to several members that hate the music selection... I really don't want to lift heavy to 3 Non Blondes. You aren't going to please everyone, so why make the music front and center? TURN IT DOWN! Equipment: They have a great variety of equipment and bars, as well as a box with belts and various apparatuses to use while lifting. Every once in a while something will break, but I don't ever remember seeing it down for more than a few days. Kudos to Conquest for staying on top of maintenance. Cleanliness: I gotta admit this is one of the cleanest gyms I've been to. There's always someone vacuuming or wiping down equipment.
Turf area: they do allow access to that training area for an up charge to your membership. I'm good with that and appreciate that I can use it when there aren't group sessions going on.
Olympic platform: this is still a sore spot for me. They installed one, but it's not a real platform... it's a cutout of the rubber flooring and they put wood in it. The coating on it has worn off and doesn't provide the grip that a real platform does. Please get a few real platforms!

Powerhouse Gym - 4790 S Hagadorn Hannah Plaza East Lansing, MI 48823

Nathan W:

Dropped into this gym when I was in town. This is a fantastic gym if you are coming to lift. They have three deadlift platforms with a huge quantity of bumper plates (including 15 lb and 25 lb bumpers), at least a dozen squat/power racks, and around 10 flat benches (plus incline and decline benches).  If you prefer dumbbells, they have an endless wall of those, as well as vast expanses of weight machines. Machines aren't my thing, so I didn't look closely at those, but they seemed to have a wide variety. There's also a functional training area and a decent amount of cardio machines. However, if you're looking for a gym solely for cardio, this might not be your best bet. The drop-in rate was only $10, and unlike many gyms, there were no extended forms to complete or sales pitches for memberships. I just signed a sign-in sheet, they ran my credit card, and I was ready to go. The gym has a nice vibe. Not overly "bodybuilding bro," just a lot of people who are doing serious work going about their business. Downsides: the locker rooms are a bit nasty, and there doesn't appear to be towel service. However, those are not big enough issues for me to knock this place down to four stars. I only wish I lived close to a place like this so it could be my regular gym.

Court One - 1609 Lake Lansing Rd Lansing, MI 48912

Crys D:

Court One is my favorite gym in the area.  The equipment is newer and organized well.  I especially enjoy the free group fitness classes included in my membership.  All of the instructors and friendly and energetic.  Indoor and outdoor pool access is a great perk in the summer time.  The lockerooms and restrooms are always clean.  Well worth the money!

Planet Fitness - 5833 W Saginaw Hwy Lansing, MI 48917

Nancy M: you might want to avoid this gym, Nancy didn't hold back.

Worst gym I've ever been to! Rude staff, lack of equipment, disgusting towels for cleaning machines, but lots of ridiculous rules with very annoying alarm!!!

Anytime Fitness - 16820 Chandler Rd Ste 109 East Lansing, MI 48823

Tyce R:

Great staff, location, and equipment. Clean and well maintained, with a good variety of equipment for strength, bodybuilding, and generic health and fitness enthusiast.

University Club - 3435 Forest Rd Lansing, MI 48910 - ya gotta know someone.

Fleur M:

By far the best place to get a massage  around the East Lansing area hands down!!!!! At the end of the session, you get a smoothie that's complementary! Perfect environment, quiet, and good relaxing music ! I had a Swedish massage which was very invigorating and refreshing ! The massage therapist even added a warmed up eucalyptus towel on my shoulders to relieve the tension! Overall, it was a great massage !! I strongly recommend this place !

Good luck and maybe I'll see you at the gym.

The Abandoned Kronk Gym (before demolition), Detroit

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