With the holidays behind us and the days starting to get longer we are on our way to spring and summer, warm thoughts of summer concerts, festivals, and being on the water. Nice thinking of the hot sun beating down on us till late in the day.

Some of us are not in such in a hurry for winter to end on March 20th, 2022. Still, time to get in some skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling.

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Well, get ready for some exciting winter fun because "Lansing Winterfest" is happening in my neck of the woods in Downtown Lansing on February 26th, the date announced on downtownlansing.org. Mark it on your calendar and come on down with friends or the whole family.


This is a free, family-friendly event. The day will consist of public art sculptures crafted from ice, including live carvings happening throughout the day, cold-butt boat races, hot chocolate stations, live entertainment, a human version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, local vendors at a pop market, and more!


So Many Fun Things To Do At Winterfest 2022

Let's get ready to take a walk along the Lansing River Trail from Old Town
(Brenke Fish Ladder) to downtown Lansing (Rotary Park).  Also, get ready to cruise  Washington Sq. and enjoy shopping, sipping hot chocolate, and breathing in the cool crisp air.  I am ready, frankly, I am tired of sitting in on the weekends this winter.

Take a peek at some of the other festivals already booked in 2022 here in Michigan.

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