The holidays might look a little different around the office this year. Maybe your job usually does a Halloween costume contest or a potluck and because of COVID-19 you’re no longer doing it. Well, you don’t have to miss out on all the festivities! A few of my co-workers came up with a great idea to still keep the Halloween spirit going!

A Halloween Mask Contest

We're all going to decorate a white mask this year and vote on the best one! This doesn’t even have to be something just done around the office! If you’re a teacher, you could do this for as a fun activity in the class room. Or if you’re a parent, this is a fun activity to do at home and a way for your kids to show off their creativity at school. 

Door Decorating

Another fun was to celebrate Halloween at home or in the work place is a door decorating contest! If you don't have a door, but you have a a cubicle, locker or cubby, you can decorate those too! Deck out your space out with some Halloween wrapping paper or a bunch of fake spider web and cover your door with that. I did this last year at one of my jobs and one of my co-workers scared the life out of me when he told me I had to open his door to see how he decorated his office and a giant spider attached to some pulley came flying out at me.

Pumpkin Decorating

Cleaning out pumpkins can get pretty messy. You can avoid the mess by painting pumpkins this year and then either taking pictures or setting them outside of your office for everyone to see and vote on who's you liked the most. What's the holidays without a little friendly competition?

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