As you read this, a little piece of me is headed to Mars.

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Congratulations to NASA and everyone involved with the Mars 2020 Rover mission. The Atlas 5 rocket carrying the Mars Perseverance Rover blasted off right on time this morning. According to CBS News, Perseverance will touch down on Mars in February (February 18th is what I've seen), in a spot they believe once was an ancient river channel that flowed into a large lake. Perseverance will be taking soil samples looking for evidence life (as we know it) once existed in that spot.

Here's the story (with video of the launch if you missed it).

Also on board the Perseverance is a microchip with the names of almost 11 million people etched into it. One of those is mine. I got my boarding pass last May.

Is your name on there? Secret handshake coming soon.

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