Next July 17th, (my birthday, BTW) NASA will be launching the 2020 Mars Rover. Touchdown on Mars will be sometime in February of 2021. When it touches down on Mars and starts exploring the Jezero Crater - you'll be there.

Well, your name will be there - etched into a silicon chip, along with the names of (at least) a million of your closest friends. Including me.

According to GeekWire, all you have to do is go to a form on NASA's website, fill it out (it's free) and send it to NASA. But you have to do it before September 30th, because it takes a long time for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engravers to carve our tiny names into those chips.

But, hey - we're all going to Mars, sorta.. And someday, when the first history museum opens up on Mars, we'll all be there as well.

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