The "Ramp It Up!" campaign is offering free wheelchair ramps to those in need in 4 Mid-Michigan counties.

It's an effort by the Disability Network Capital Area (DNCAP) to help enrich the lives of (and increase accessibility for) those who need it most.

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Michael Astley, the housing and accessibility specialist and ADA coordinator for DNCAP, says applications are being accepted now for qualified recipients to have an ADA-compliant ramp providing access in and out of their home at no charge.

What Is the "Ramp It Up!" Campaign?

"There are a lot of people who have trouble getting into their homes," says Astley. "They don't want to leave their homes. They want to stay there, but it's not as easy to get in or out anymore. And that's where this can really be coming to the rescue for some folks."

DNCAP aims to "empower individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have vital access to independent living and the community."

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The "Ramp It Up!" campaign's goal is to build 50 ramps for residents who need them in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton or Shiawassee Counties. The ramps will be built for recipients at no charge, courtesy of 50 community partner sponsors and with the help of 50 volunteers.

Photo via thawornnurak
Photo via thawornnurak

According to Astley, interested parties may apply for a free ramp on the DNCAP website. After the application is reviewed, a brief interview process would follow along with a site review of the location where the ramp is proposed to be installed. Once those steps are complete, efforts will be made to obtain the necessary building permits for the ramp and to schedule the ramp-building procedure.

How Can I Become Involved With the "Ramp It Up!" Campaign?

The "Ramp It Up!" campaign has a variety of local sponsors already signed on to help with this initiative, including Home DepotDean Transportation, CATA, and Michigan State University - just to name a few - but more sponsors are needed. DNCAP is hoping to secure sponsorship from a total of 50 local businesses and entities for the campaign.

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Additional volunteers to aid in the construction and implementation of the free ramps are also being sought.

Prospective volunteers, and/or businesses or entities that are interested in becoming a sponsor of the "Ramp It Up!" campaign may contact Astley at 517-999-2760.

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