Somebody call CNN.

For two and a half years, several countries and several thousand people have been looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight #370. Pieces have washed up on beaches around the Indian Ocean. But, so far, nobody has found the data or voice recorders from the plane, not to mention any of the victims or any substantial wreckage. The search is still going on, but if they don't find something soon, the search will end at the end of this year.

There were the weird theories: Aliens grabbed it with a tractor beam from a massive spaceship. The U.S. military "captured" it via remote control and landed it on Diego Garcia. Terrorists flew it to a desert base for use in a future "9/11-style" attack.


The pilot and co-pilot were investigated. They were cleared. Sure, the captain had a pretty cool flight simulator at his house for practice flying various routes, but we were told investigators hadn't found anything suspicious. Until now.

Apparently, according to US News, Australian officials (and now the Malaysian government) say Captain Zaharie had flown a route on the simulator, less than a month before the crash, that went right to the area in the Indian Ocean where experts think the plane went down.

Hmmm. Yes, there was data on the computer that showed he flew a LOT of different simulated routes, but why would you simulate a trip to the middle of the southern Indian Ocean? And where's the airplane, if they have a map right to it?

Here's the story.


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