I'm sure you're thinking how does someone accidentally do this? Well, it truly was an honest mistake.

A Redford woman, Yacedrah Williams, spoke with WXYZ Detroit about her experience which could've gone a lot worse. The woman had woken up around 1 a.m. after falling asleep with her contacts. She reached in her purse when she grabbed what she thought were eye drops, but instead it was a nail glue. The bottles are both around the same size but when she realized what she had actually grabbed it was too late.

She tipped her head back and it was only after the clear liquid had formed a drop that was about to fall did Williams realize the bottle was not the right color...

She said she tried to wipe it off but her eyes were already glued shut. She woke her husband up and had him call 911. After she was taken to the hospital, doctors were thankfully able to open her eye and remove her contact lens. In the interview she revealed that her contact is what saved her from having vision damage.

WXYZ spoke with an ophthalmologist at Beaumont who said if you ever find yourself in a situation where you get something in your eye the first thing you need to do is flush your eye out with water.

Experts recommend keeping medications and other household products separate from each other to avoid mishaps such as this.

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