So, I'm talking to Brian, one of our sales managers at WITL, and he asks me, "what do you know about 'trashcan turkey'"?

I don't know what you're talking about, Brian.

It's a new thing, where you cook the turkey in a trashcan, but I just heard about it.

What? Google it.

So we did, and after watching this -  you'll be in the loop, too. You're gonna need some supplies - and I'd use a new trashcan - but that's just me. And I think you just need a fresh (not frozen) turkey - it doesn't HAVE to be "free range" like the one they use. Oh, and be careful - I don't want to see you on the news unless you win the lottery. Check it out:

(Looks like Jack Scalfani, from "Cooking with Jack", and his buddy had some typical problems and overcame them, so if they can figure it out, we should be good to go.)



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