A lot of towns in Michigan are canceling or postponing their 4th of July fireworks displays due to the COVID-19 pandemic (my thought is all that smoke and fire might kill the darn thing, but, I'm no Dr. Fauci, so...)

However - there are a few towns that are gonna let it rip (hmm - they must agree) and let the show go on. And one of them is right here in Mid-Michigan

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According to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit's Ford Fireworks on the Detroit River, one of the biggest such events in Michigan, has been postponed to August 31 and will even then be a televised-only event. One of the other big shows - the Bay City Fireworks Festival - has been outright canceled. And, of course, the City of Lansing has already canceled their fireworks display for this 4th of July.

Not so in Portland, Michigan. Portland's annual fireworks display will happen as scheduled, on July 3rd. On a Facebook post, the city says the venue, Bogue Flats Recreational Area in Portland, is sufficiently large enough for social distancing.

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