Today, the day before Thanksgiving, is the biggest bar night of the year. With that in mind, Michigan State Police will have extra patrols on the road now through the weekend.

Police will be on the lookout for drunk drivers, in addition to those not wearing seat belts, speeders, and other violators of the law. If you're going to drink tonight, please make the safe and smart decision NOT to drink and drive. There are soooooooooooooooo many options to get a safe ride home, that drinking and driving should NEVER be considered.

If you're drinking this evening and need a safe ride home, consider these options:

  • Pick a designated driver before heading out for the evening.
  • Call a sober friend.
  • Call a cab.
  • Take the bus.
  • Request an Uber.

All of those options are going to be way less expensive then say, getting a DUI. Or worse, putting others lives in danger. Have fun tonight, and most importantly, make good decisions!

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