The Michigan State Police will start wearing "campaign hats" today - just like the ones they wore in the 1920s. These are the same hats worn by most of the other State Police agencies and U.S. National Park rangers, like Smokey the Bear - which is why truckers started referring to the police as "Smokeys" on the CB.

According to CBSDetroit, the new hats will be introduced today at the graduation of the 131st Trooper Recruit School. (Congratulations, if you're part of that class). So, if you get stopped anytime soon, you might want to compliment the officer on his or her new head-wear.

And you may want to WOW your family at Christmas (and your new friend, the State Trooper) with your knowledge of the history of the campaign hat from Wikipedia.

So, here's that.

Well, you were going pretty fast. You better think of some nice compliment before they get back from their cruiser.

Here's the story.


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