Should we end daylight savings time once and for all?  Personally I don't think so. We have been doing it so long and we should not fix something that is not broke. I love the fact that we have longer days in the summer when we are all enjoying outdoor activities.

Plus now that I am getting up early in the morning, I like the fact when we bring our clocks back an hour at the end of October it gets light earlier. There are many pros and cons,  but I say lets leave well enough alone.

Now the public is demanding that we end it due to Covid-19 according to The

There was also a study by JAMA Neurology that says

from last year they found some evidence that people are at higher risk of heart attack, stroke and other harmful effects of sleep deprivation around the time of the shifts, which result in adults losing an average of 15 to 20 minutes of slumber.

We have been doing this for so long and there are good arguments on both sides. Plus I think everyone is different, and depending on your job and lifestyle what may be good for one may not be good for another.

Right now all I want do is the put this election and Pandemic in the rear view mirror and hope for a great 2021. Bring on the 2nd Sunday in March when daylight savings time kicks in again as well as the warmer weather.

What do you think. Should we leave daylight savings time alone?

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