No more "springing ahead" or "falling back". No re-setting your clocks. No re-setting your grandmother's VCR, so "The Young and the Restless" records every day at the right time.

According to the Free Press, if State Rep. Peter Lucido gets his way - it'll all be a thing of the past. Rep. Lucido has introduced a bill in the State House to end Daylight Savings Time. The guy who invented Daylight Savings Time, George Hudson, was a British born New Zealander, who in 1895 proposed the idea of keeping daylight extended later. George wanted the extra sunlight so he could collect insects after work. It's been around in the U.S since President Wilson signed it into law in 1918, and saw it as a way of conserving coal during World War I.

Is (almost) 100 years of DST enough already? Some studies shows that Daylight Savings Time leads to sleep deprivation and an increase in heart attacks.

Daylight Savings Time. Should it stay. Or should it go?



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