This late-in-the-game snow is gonna get a bit more intense before tomorrow morning.

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According to MLive's meteorologist, Mark Torregrossa, the area for the winter storm warning has expanded to include "most of northwest Lower Michigan and the northern half of the Upper Peninsula for now through Sunday morning."

The snow will steadily increase through the evening, and stay "moderate to heavy" through the overnight. The temps are really going to drop too, getting down to the 20's throughout all of Michigan! With the rain Friday night and the huge drop in temperatures, make sure you use caution when driving tonight and into tomorrow morning. There could be some pretty icy and slick road conditions.

Lucky for Lansing, we shouldn't see too much snow accumulation. The west coast however, they could see 2 - 6 inches of snow. Read more details of this winter storm and check out the radar as well, HERE!

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