Autumn arrived right on time this year in Michigan. Much cooler air has infiltrated the Mitten State, and it's got many of us thinking about what may lie in store during the winter ahead.

Most years, Michiganders don't have to worry about snow until at least November. Sometimes it's December before we see the first flakes fly. But history remembers several years when Michigan's seen its first snow during the first few weeks of fall.

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September Snow in the Upper Peninsula

As you might expect, it's snowed a few times in September in the Upper Peninsula. According to, The earliest recorded snowfall in Marquette happened on September 19, 1956, when two-tenths of an inch fell. The most September snow in Marquette happened in 1974, when 4.4 inches hit the ground. The most recent September snow in Marquette occurred in 1993, when just over an inch fell.

But what about the Lower Peninsula?

Neither Grand Rapids, Flint, Battle Creek, Saginaw nor Detroit has recorded a snowfall in September, but there are several cities in the Lower Peninsula that have.

Gaylord, Michigan, has recorded snowfall in September on four separate occasions, most recently in 2001. The earliest recorded snowfall in Gaylord happened on September 20, 1956, when 1.1 inches fell.

On September 25, 1926, a tenth of an inch of snow was recorded in Lansing, marking the earliest snowfall in the history of the state capital. It's the only September snowfall in Lansing's history.

Coldwater recorded 3 inches of snow on September 29, 1967. Hillsdale got 2 inches that same day.

Cheboygan and Alpena have each recorded September snows as well.

What about 2022?

It doesn't look like Michigan will experience cold enough temperatures to support September snowfall in 2022. October will be another story.

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