If you're not a fan of old man winter, I can promise you that those who lived in the capital city weren't very fond of him either during these winter storms.

In the early and late seventies, while we had disco, we also seemed to have a lot of snow in Michigan as well.

Out of Lansing's 10 largest snowfall totals, the lowest was 15 inches.

Since the Grand Rapids National Weather Service began keeping records, the least amount of snow we saw here out of a list of ten would have been roughly 15 inches. That's a lot of snow too, all things considered.

So far, the most amount of snow we've seen here in Lansing is 24 inches.

Do you remember these record snowfalls Lansing had?

The seventies seemed to be a bit brutal for those who lived here in the capital city. With that being said, were you around to witness the big 24 inches of snow that Lansing saw?

Take a look below at the five biggest snowfalls to hit the Lansing area.

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