If you didn't know before, you'll know now: Lansing has its own 9/11 memorial.

If you've ever been to Wentworth Park (the park right across the street from the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Lansing), that is the home to Lansing's 9/11 Memorial. There are some very interesting facts about the memorial itself.

G. L. Kohuth
G. L. Kohuth

First and foremost, the memorial itself is an actual piece from the World Trade Center. According to the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, "the memorial is a 10-foot 'H beam' salvaged from the World Trade Center." Secondly, surrounding the memorial are bricks that bear the names of those from Michigan who lost their lives in the tragic events in "New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia" the day of September 11th, 16 years ago.

If you'd like to spend some time in remembrance of these tragic events, heading to the Remembrance Memorial in Wentworth Park would be a good idea.

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