As the NFL Playoffs start this weekend, the Detroit Lions once again will be watching at home.  Fans look to next year as the opponents for the Lions have been announced. 

According to The Detroit Free Press,  the opponents for the Lions are out.  The full schedule will be announced at a later date.  It is known the Lions will play six games against the NFC North.

The Lions division features The Bears, Vikings and Packers.  They will play home and home against those three teams.

They will also play against the AFC West which will be games against the Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos and The Raiders.   The Lions will also match up against the NFC East which includes The Cowboys, Giants, Eagles and Washington.

The Lions finished last in the NFC North so the last two games to fill up the schedule will be against the last place teams in the NFC South and NFC West.   The two teams were the Buccaneers and the Cardinals.

The Lions should begin the season on September 8th.      Will this schedule help the Lions improve on their recent 6-10 record?

We will see what changes happen between now and the start of the season as next up for the Lions will be the NFL draft in April.




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