Ann Arbor is still having a problem with deer. According to, they continue to eat a lot of trees in the parks and nature areas - because THAT'S WHAT DEER DO!

Anyway, they've got too many deer roaming around Ann Arbor, so they've just announced "the city's fourth-annual deer cull". (An event that sounds like it should have food-trucks and live music). They'll be trimming the herd by another 150 deer in January.

Plus, they'll be spending more money to sterilize more does. They've earmarked another $182,000 for all of this, bringing the total for the last few years to about $600,000 which resulted in 274 dead deer and 72 sterilized deer - close to $2000 per deer. You read that right. In a state with 300,000 bowhunters.

Last year, the city of Ann Arbor cut down some trees, just to spite the deer and make it easier to shoot them. Or something to that effect.


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