It's never good when you're watching The Weather Channel and they refer to the storm system that is headed your way as "crippling". However, that's the term that they used in describing the winter storm that is headed to the Lansing area this weekend.

According to The Weather Channel, the Lansing area could see around 3 to 5 inches of snow and ice accumulation on Saturday. There's also a chance that we could see another inch of snow and ice accumulation Saturday night as well. Here's their forecast. Meanwhile, WILX chief meteorologist, Darrin Rockcole says that parts of the Lansing area could see some flooding on Friday night into Saturday. The precipitation will change to sleet and freezing rain and eventually snow on Saturday which will make for some dangerous travel conditions. Click here to see Darrin's complete forecast.

The National Weather Service says that "a storm system may bring significant impacts to western Lower Michigan from Friday night through early Sunday, with heavy rain and accumulating ice and snow. Areal and river flooding, power outages, and difficult travel conditions are possible." Click here to see their forecast.

Image courtesy of the National Weather Service


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