It's been a long time since I had a 3-year old running around our house, but I'm still a dad and I know "cute" when I see it. And some dad out there just blew the lid off "cute".

According to Fox61 TV in Hartford, a dad (name unknown - but I think that will change) was on a flight to San Francisco from Boston last night, with his 3-year old daughter Molly, who was dressed as a donut. (Let's stop right there for now. A trip, cross country, on a plane, with a three year old little girl, with apparently no back-up parent? I bow, deep and long, sir.)

His daughter, Molly, was bummed that she couldn't go trick or treating because she had to be on the flight. So Dad put her in her costume, grabbed some candy, wrote out a note to be handed out with the candy - and then gave all the candy to the passengers.

It's been a tough year in America. Sometimes, I wonder if any of us will make it out with our sanity. And then something like this happens. To the dad and the passengers and the airline who let this happen - nicely done.

Here's the story.