Maybe it's just me, but when I am driving I really take notice of old buildings and new ones going up. For instance, recently I was driving by a new restaurant that was being remodeled and I could tell by the shape of the building that it used to be an old Ponderosa steak house.  I use to go to those a lot growing up in the South Chicago suburbs.

There are a lot of old buildings in Lansing and notice a lot of them near where I live in Downtown Lansing.

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So about 6 months ago I was running errands and I passed a building and I thought to myself I wonder if that used to be a Firehouse.  I took a few pics to ask around and forgot about it.

Wow! I Remember Taking These

Last week I was going through my photos on my phone and I came across those pics, and. once again I thought what is this building.  Is it just a residence now?  Maybe,  it looks like it would be a cool place to live indeed. I am not sure of the address or where I saw it.  It was close to Downtown.


Do you know this Buiding?  I would say it used to be a firehouse, at least that would be my first guess.


If you don't know it, what do you think it used to Be?


What Is The History Of This Building?

If you have any history on it, we would love to know.  I am not even sure where in Lansing it is because it was a while ago that I took the pictures. Feel free to share any pictures or history on this and any cool old buildings that have been restored in Lansing.

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