Abraham Poincheval is a performance artist. He does things that, perhaps, you and I would not do. But he does it in the name of art. And whereas we think we may be enjoying our lives, our interests are clearly uninspired, boring or, as they say, "purely pedestrian", and we will never truly understand art like Abraham does.

But I feel that one reason for these blogs might be to educate myself, and maybe you, and help us both leave behind our sad world of "The Wizard of OZ", reality TV, domestic beer, Las Vegas and NASCAR. And selfies. Oh, yeah - and Wheat Thins.

Let us begin by celebrating the work of Monsieur Poincheval. He has, in the past, lived for a week in a tiny space, under a bookstore and sealed beneath a one ton boulder, while he filmed himself as he read books. He walked in a straight line across France in 2002.

For the next two weeks he will be living inside a stuffed, hollowed out bear in the "Hunting and Wildlife Museum" in Paris. He will NEVER leave the bear (and I mean NEVER, during the whole two weeks) and will eat only food that the bear would've eaten, like berries and nuts and fish and mushrooms. While he lives in the bear, he will be filmed. Visitors may choose to pick up one of the books on a table next to the bear to read to him. Including, yes, "Goldilocks and The Three Bears".

Here is a webcam link so you can watch. When you're very, very bored.

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