NASA has released photographs of a smiley face emoji sitting 4 billion light years away in space. And this isn't the first enormous smiley face structure they've found.

According to Metro, in the UK, the Hubble Space Telescope recently found a formation of billions of stars they call SDSS J0952+3434 (I know - someone needs to come up with a cooler name), which is comprised of three galaxies, two which form the eyes and one galaxy forming the smile. The galaxy forming the smile appears distorted due to gravitational lensing - the light we see is being "bent" by gravity - thus proving Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

(I know - you came for the smiley face and you're getting quantum physics. Sorry)

Anyway. Here's the story with photos - including the (IMO much better) smiley face in space NASA discovered in 2015, called SDSS J1038+4849.

Again - the names need some work.




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