I know that Summer may seem far away, what, with temperatures in the 20s and 30s this far into Spring. But this new Michigan beer may get you feeling "summer vibes" before you even breakout your swim suit.

According to MLive, Michigan Brewery, Odd Side Ales, has a unique seasonal beer for you to try this summer: their FRUITSICLE beers. To start things off, Odd Side has two flavors; black and blueberry fruitsicle and strawberry fruitsicle. There are a few things that really makes this a unique brew. Joel Brower, Odd Side Ales plant manager, says that the beer is brewed with a bit of lactose, which "gives a residual sweetness to the beer, and we really amped the fruit, almost double more than normal."

However, in order to enjoy these gems, you have to go direct to the source: Odd Side Ales in Grand Haven; 41 Washington Ave Suite 160, Grand Haven, MI, 49417. Get more details on this fruity, summer beer, click here.

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