Either it's too cold during the winter months in Michigan, or it's too hot during the summer months.

Do you want to know what my favorite temperature is in the summer? For me, it's 75 degrees. That's what I call a perfect summer's day. The 80's are too warm and anything above 90 degrees is considered hot.

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How would you feel if the temperature reached 100 degrees somewhere in Michigan this summer? It certainly wouldn't surprise me, and I'm sure most Michiganders would find a nice air conditioned building to stay in all day.

The last time Michigan hit the 100 degree mark was back in June and July of 2012. I remember that because I had to golf in an outing when it was that hot.

It was the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Golf for Kids Sake out at Hawk Hollow in Bath and it was scorching hot that day.

We even had ice towels in our coolers just to help us deal with the hot temperatures that day. And trust me on this, those ice cold terry cloth towels did the trick, along with staying hydrated.

Based on some of the hot weather we've had here in Michigan recently, it wouldn't surprise me to see the thermostat hit the 100 degree mark sometime this summer.

Here's what mlive.com had to say:

In late May we had two hot days with some Lower Michigan cities warming well into the 90s. Traverse City topped the list with the hottest temperature in the state on May 12 at 96 degrees. Reason number one why we should hit 100 degrees this summer: mid-May had us already only four degrees from 100 degrees, and that was in Northern Michigan.

There are four things I would do if the temperature reaches 100 degrees this summer:

1. Take an ice bath.

2. Hang out at Lake Lansing in Haslett and go boating. (swimming included)

3. Drink lots of water and sit in a shaded area in the front or back yard.  

4. Swim in my next door neighbor's built-in swimming pool. (with permission)

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