Today from 5-6PM on WILX's News 10, they will be hosting a very special local Question & Answer session.

It is in the hopes of answering any and all of your questions and concerns

According to their press release, WILX News 10 VP/General Manager Debbie Petersmark says,

Local experts will be answering the questions our community is asking. If you have a question, likely hundreds of others have the same one. As a local news station, we are a public trust with an obligation to community outreach, public service announcements and responsible programming. We are the voice of, and a voice for, our communities. This is one small way we can help during these stressful times.

Today's 5-6PM newscast will answer questions related to healthcare, family, finances, and education.

On the panel will be Julie Braciszewski, Monarch Behavioral Health; Paula D. Cunningham, Michigan AARP State Director; Steven Hicks, financial expert/attorney; Paula Herbart, President of the Michigan Education Association; and a local Sparrow physician.

To submit questions, go to the WILX Facebook page.

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